Design consultation

We will be happy to provide consultation to you in order to turn your ideas into a reality. Our skilled designers will create a solution that  will fit your needs and lifestyle. This service is right for you in case you are not interested in a complete design study because you already have your interior partially furnished, but you can not cope with its completion. Too many colours, styles, materials, but don’t worry we are here to give you a hand. 

For example:

  • we visit a space that you are not happy with and we advise you on the spot (for a better idea we will show the space virtually and redesign, add or select the existing elements) or
  • you have ideas how the room or office should look like but you do not know where you can buy specific furniture, decorations, etc. In that case, we will take part in your selection and we recommend you our verified shops, suppliers we have experience with. 

We will make sure that your interior becomes a beautiful whole, full of harmony and details.

If you are interested please contact us