The arrangement is just as important as the space itself

Homestaging is the professional arrangement of an interior space to bring out its best elements and ascetics. From expansive cinema sets and luxurious corporate offices, to individual homes and retail spaces, good design is always paramount to the way we interact and feel in the spaces we inhabit. 

Who is this service designed for? Professional homestaging is a necessity for real estate agents and individuals interested in selling or renting their property for the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time. For short-term projects like photo shoots, commercials, events and parties, homestaging is a great way to create a space with a specific desired feel. For private individuals, it’s simply a great way to create a space you love to live in. 

Why else is homestaging important? The space we live in is a reflection of who we are. Whether it’s a personal living space or a place of business, our professionals will maximize your interior’s potential. With homestaging, it is all about the details. The right colors, room composition and accessories are meticulously selected to create a sense of comfort and elegance to attract more potential customers in a short amount of time. Let our professionals help you. With creativity and years of design experience, our team will take your living/working space to its full ascetic potential. In as little as a few hours, we can design a beautiful space for you that lasts a lifetime. 

Our popular homestaging services include: 

1. Professional styling and possible alteration of existing furniture and interior elements. This usually includes the sale or rent of hand-picked accessories.

2. Renting or buying the right furniture to fit your space.

3. Total interior composition design change using 3D software technology.

4. Changing the interior using construction works, either small modifications (eg. wall painting) or large (eg. replacement of tiles).


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