Design study and 3D visualisation

Our designers can prepare complete interior as well as an exterior design study for you. This will consist of the list of the proposed materials and the specific products used, or the proposed furniture elements. You will see how it all works together and what the resulting effect is on the professional 3D visualisation which is the final product of the design study. We will introduce the whole process directly during the meeting, after you have clarified your requirements and expectations.

Demonstration of the design study process:

  1. First we discuss about the SPACE, in what condition it is, where it is located, what are your requirements for the design and functionality, what is your budget for the actual execution of the study.
  2. Based on all the information from point 1, we will prepare a QUATATION for the design study and introduce the timeline for its completion. 
  3. After you agree on point 2, we will arrange the FIRST CONSULTATION, where we will show you the preliminary draft of study including the selected materials, products and colours. We show you a SIMPLE 3D Model to be able to imagine the space, the materials and the design concept.
  4. After the consultation, we will modify (two modifications of the study are included in the price) the simple 3D model as per your expectations and then create a 3D PHOTOREALISTIC VISUALISATION where you will see your future interior and/or exterior.
  5. If you are interested, we can help you with the ORDER OF PRODUCTS (from floor, tiles, doors to bespoke furniture, decorations, etc) as well as with the DESIGN STUDY EXECUTION (building job) itself.

We are looking forward to our cooperation and we believe that together we can accomplish your dream space.

If you are interested please contact us